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Sutro's proprietary biochemical protein synthesis technology allows for rapid expression and functional screening of proteins that previously could not be produced due to limitations of other protein synthesis technologies.
Founded in 2004, Sutro Biopharma, Inc. has raised over $59M in funding since its inception. Current investors include SV Life Sciences, Alta Partners, Skyline Ventures, and Lilly Ventures.
Alta Partners is a leading venture capital firm in life sciences, funding over 120 companies in the industry since 1996. Alta's diverse and integrated team brings together a powerful depth of knowledge and experience, delivering tangible results for our companies and our investors.
As an important component of Amgen's overall outreach strategy, Amgen Ventures invests in early-stage biotechnology companies focused on discovering and developing human therapeutics. The fund, which focuses primarily on areas of current therapeutic interest to Amgen, offers early-stage companies access to our extensive capabilities while providing us with insight into external research innovations that may pave the way for future collaborations.
Lilly Ventures has its roots in the scientific tradition of Eli Lilly and Company. Their investment philosophy drives them to seek great companies with compelling life science innovations. They partner actively with the management teams of their portfolio companies to realize the potential of their technologies. Lilly Ventures currently has $200 million under management with a focus on the North American and European regions.
Skyline Ventures is a leading venture capital firm specializing in investing in outstanding product-focused healthcare companies. Skyline's areas of expertise include small molecule and protein therapeutics; medical devices; diagnostics; and technologies that facilitate drug discovery and life science research.
SV Life Sciences is a venture capital adviser and manager that makes selected investments in businesses with experienced entrepreneurs and management teams. SV Life Sciences provides finance to businesses at all stages of development and across the human life sciences sector. These sectors range from biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to medical devices & instruments, to healthcare information technology and services.