April Volunteer Newsletter

Thank you, Sutroites!

It’s remarkable individuals like you, who truly make a difference! We appreciate your interest and time invested, in changing the lives of others. Each month this webpage will be updated with new volunteer opportunities and ways to give back to our community. Enjoy these fun and fulfilling activities while making a positive impact!

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Event Date: April 3 – May 31
Location of Book Drop-Off Box: Break Room
Lead Contact: Kira Dionis-Petersen, kpetersen@sutrobio.com

Cards for Hospitalized Kids (CFHK) organization collects and delivers uplifting and inspiring cards to hospitalized kids, many of whom are battling terminal illnesses. The cards are distributed to Children’s Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the country, bringing hope and joy to children and their families. This opportunity provides a great weekend activity and in return, it brings a warm smile to the recipients. .


Making Cards:

What supplies do I need?

The only supplies you need are paper and a writing utensil, such as crayons, markers etc.


What are the supplies I can use?

Many people choose to use other craft supplies such as:

  • Special Markers
  • Stickers
  • Glue-on craft decals
  • Other craft supplies

What are the supplies I can not use?
The only rule regarding craft supplies is that nothing is excessive to the point of falling off. This is extremely important, as it can create health concerns for some patients.

To see if this is an issue, typically just running your finger over it and seeing how much rubs off will suffice. If little or nothing comes off, it is OK.

Please do not use glitter.

Addressing the card:

Since we do not yet know the child’s name, please make sure you do not address the card to a specific person.

If you want to address the card, or writing within the card, here are some suggestions:
“Hey There”
“Hey you!”
“To: a very special person

Decide what to write on the card:

At the request of hospitals, please do not write “Get well”, “Feel Better” or other illness related comments.

This is very important since some of the patients suffer from medical conditions that are chronic, life-long, progressive and/or terminal.

We recommend that you write uplifting messages such as:

  • Stay strong
  • You are awesome
  • Never forget how amazing YOU are
  • You rock
  • I hope you have a great day today
  • You shine brighter than the sun
  • You inspire me
  • Be Brave
  • I believe in YOU

Make sure that you do not…

–  Other than signing your first name, please do not include any personal information, such as: phone number, address, email address etc.

Hospitals will not allow us to distribute cards with this information.

– Do not write any religious comments such as “God Bless” or “I’m praying for you”. Hospitals do not allow us to distribute cards with these comments. Hospitals treat patients of all religions as well as patients that do not practice religion, which is why they do not allow us to give out cards containing religious comments.

Sign your name:
Now, sign your first name on the card. You can also sign your state, such as “Katie from Nebraska”, if you wish to.


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