About Sutro Biopharma

At Sutro Biopharma we have pioneered a compelling and unique way of discovering, developing and manufacturing therapeutics.  Our focus is aimed primarily on next generation cancer therapeutics — Antibody Conjugates and Bispecific Antibodies. Unconstrained by traditional methods of cell-based discovery, we can design and develop targeted medicines by innovating outside the constraints of the cell.

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Our technology enables us to iteratively discover and test molecules in a rapid cycle of weeks rather than months, to rapidly identify the optimal molecule designed for safety and potency.

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Sutro Biopharma is working independently and with partners to develop novel cancer therapies, including antibody-drug conjugates, bispecific antibodies, and antibody-based therapeutics targeting immuno-oncology pathways.

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Recent News


Sutro Initiates First Clinical Trial of CD74-Targeting ADC for Lymphoma & Multiple Myeloma Treatment; The First of a New Generation of Precisely Engineered ADCs

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2018 — Sutro Biopharma, Inc. has begun dosing patients in its initial clinical trial of its  potential first-in-class.. Read More →

Sutro ADC Effectively Targets Folate Receptor Alpha in Ovarian Cancer Preclinical Research

– Phase 1 Trial Planned for Late 2018 – Company’s First Cell-Free Protein SynthesisDrug for Solid Tumors SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, April 16, 2018.. Read More →


At Sutro, collaboration drives how we achieve results. By putting the goals of the Company first, we aim to make a difference both as individuals and as part of a team.

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