cGMP Facility 

Sutro’s cGMP multi-product manufacturing facility, located in San Carlos, CA, utilizes single use and stainless steel technologies for fermentation, cell-free expression, and purification of Drug Intermediate and Drug Substance. Manufacturing capability and capacity support the production of cGMP clinical materials for Sutro and partnered programs, including the following:

Custom Reagents


Products Incorporating cGMP Proteins Produced via XpressCF+®

Undisclosed Cytokine Derivative

XtractCF® and lysate reagents from the Sutro cGMP facility can be shipped globally for the manufacture of proteins at partner sites. Our business partners have successfully audited the facility for cGMP compliance repeatedly since 2016.

Sutro’s cGMP

Multi-Product Manufacturing Facility 


Shabbir Anik

Shabbir Anik, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Operations Officer

Business of Biotech

Commitment to GMP with Dr. Shabbir Anik, CTO

Sutro Biopharma Chief Technical Operations Officer Shabbir Anik has contributed to 15 INDs and 10 NDA’s over the course of his distinguished career, making him a great choice to sit down for a chat about the mechanics of GMP and CMC strategy. To listen to the podcast interviewed by Matt Pillar, Click Here to Listen