Changing the future of Oncology.

About Sutro Biopharma

Sutro Biopharma is a clinical stage company pioneering a unique way of discovering, developing and manufacturing therapeutics. Our focus is aimed primarily on next generation cancer and autoimmune therapeutics — antibody conjugates, bispecific antibodies and cytokine derivatives. Unconstrained by traditional methods of cell-based discovery, we can design and develop targeted medicines by innovating outside the constraints of the cell.

Our technology enables us to iteratively discover and test molecules in a rapid cycle of weeks rather than months to identify the optimal molecule designed for safety and potency. Our approach to discovery, without the cell, also transcends the limitations of biologics manufacturing.

Sutro has the world’s only cGMP cell-free manufacturing facility located in San Carlos, California. This state-of-the-art facility confers an important competitive advantage in entering Phase 1 clinical development following discovery of lead development candidate compounds. Currently, Sutro has two wholly owned clinical phase products manufactured in our cGMP facility, STRO-001 for the intended treatment of multiple myeloma and lymphoma and STRO-002 for the intended treatment of ovarian and endometrial cancers.

In addition to developing our own oncology pipeline, Sutro Biopharma is collaborating with select pharmaceutical and biotech companies to discover and develop novel, next generation therapeutics. As the pace of clinical development accelerates, Sutro and its partners are demonstrating a more efficient approach to killing tumors without harming healthy cells.

We invite you to follow Sutro on Twitter, @SutroBio, and on our website to learn more about our passion for changing the future of oncology.