The study that is redefining FRα-positivity in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer¹´²

Previous studies of FRα-targeted therapy have failed to capture a majority of patients with FRα-expression²′³

of platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patients are potentially eligible for REFRαME-O1

The REFRαME-O1 study aims to expand the definition of actionable FRα-expression, extending the opportunity for targeted therapy to more patients.

Folate receptor alpha (FRα) is a validated target that is overexpressed in ovarian cancer compared with normal tissue3,4. The REFRαME-O1 study in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer is part of the REFRαME trial program, which seeks to reframe our understanding of actionable FRα expression across a range of tumor types.

A registrational directed study of luveltamab tazevibulin in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer, a next generation ADC developed using XpressCF+® cell-free technology¹

Trial design to support accelerated approval

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