Open Letter From Our CEO

Jan 8, 2020

Hi All,

For several years I have been troubled by the levels of public antipathy (if not outright scorn) for our industry.  Routinely biotech (not just pharma) is held in low esteem by the American public – effectively on a par with the tobacco industry.

While I personally believe much of this sentiment is misplaced and should be more accurately ascribed to those who abuse their monopolistic status (derived from patent protections and other exclusivity mechanisms), the reality is that we have failed to win back our prior reputation as the guys in the white hats doing good for society.  In order to change this public perception, I am in agreement that we need to be more forward-leaning as to our values and our commitment to patients.  It is in that spirit that I have added my name to the following commitment that was published this morning in STAT:–aLpUsxM7lHGvrmC_-bKkwKYvZmnGSVwlzmfzXwbB0hiK-7LtgpMD9wwEK2DyGDjdNYwhwyi_DJhUJmRJKXI_j57bRhQ&_hsmi=81629110

I believe that by acting with integrity and upholding our commitments we can turn the tide of public opinion.  I wanted to make you aware of my beliefs and these commitments and trust that you share them as well.  I believe this is in all of our best interests.  If any of you wish to discuss this with me privately, I welcome the opportunity to do so.