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Sutro Biopharma COVID-19 Statement

Mar 30, 2020


Our top priority remains the safety, health, and overall well-being of our employees, clinical trial participants, collaborators and other business partners, and the community.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19, recently declared by the World Health Organization to be a pandemic, has spread across the globe and is broadly impacting many worldwide activities. COVID-19 poses the risk that our employees, clinical trial participants, collaborators and other business partners, including our contractors, and suppliers, and the community may be prevented from conducting business and other activities for an indefinite period of time, due to spread of the disease within these groups or to shutdowns that may be requested or mandated by governmental authorities. While we do not know yet the full impact of this pandemic, we remain acutely focused on local, macro and systemic developments to help guide our business decisions and continue our operations in a more virtual environment. In particular, we are extremely proud of our employees, whose commitment and dedication since the beginning of this pandemic have allowed us to continue to advance our initiatives through these highly challenging times.

Supporting our Employees and Community

We have measures in place to prepare for and protect against the transmission of COVID-19 in our workplace settings and surrounding communities, while enabling the business-critical activities required to bring our next-generation oncology therapeutics to attempt to address the unmet needs of cancer patients. Relatedly, we are:

  • Encouraging all employees who are able to work from home to do so until further notice.
  • Conducting all third-party external meetings virtually and maintaining at least 6 feet of separation for personnel at any internal meeting.
  • Enhancing cleaning procedures at our locations to help protect those who continue to work onsite.
  • Suspending international and domestic business travel, and in-person attendance at conferences and other large events until further notice.

Business-critical laboratory, manufacturing and related support activities continue and have been subject to heightened precautions to ensure the safety and health of employees and the continuation of only the highest priority activities. We continue to assess our company policies, business plans and employee support.

Continuing our Ongoing Clinical Trials

We continue to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare system and are working with healthcare providers supporting our clinical studies to mitigate risk to patients, while taking into account regulatory, institutional, and government guidance and policies. While we remain committed to maintaining the development plans for our and our collaborators’ product candidates, we acknowledge the potential impact on clinical studies given the rapidly evolving global environment. Generally, the COVID-19 pandemic may slow enrollment of clinical studies, and we are actively monitoring the impact on our clinical studies by program and by clinical trial site. If you are a patient who is participating in one of our ongoing clinical trials for STRO-001 or STRO-002, we ask you to please contact your clinical site directly for updates.

Maintaining our Clinical Product Supply and Supply Chain 

For the clinical product supply of product candidates for our ongoing clinical trials and those of our collaborators, we currently manufacture a portion of the materials internally and also rely on third-party manufacturers and partners to supply key components. While we believe we will have adequate supplies of product candidates sufficient to support our and our collaborators’ currently ongoing clinical trials, we remain alert to the potential for disruptions that could arise from COVID-19, including assessing regularly our manufacturing capabilities and maintaining close contact with our critical suppliers.

Overall Business Outlook

As noted above, we have activated our business plans to avoid or minimize business disruption and ensure the safety, health and overall well-being of our employees and our other constituents. Given the fluidity of the current environment, we cannot rule out future impacts to our business as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Safe Harbor

Our comments above include forward-looking statements based on our current expectations and beliefs, which are subject to risks and uncertainties. Our actual results may differ materially. We request that you please consult the risk factors section of our periodic SEC filings.

Thank you from Sutro to all the doctors, nurses, first responders, other health professionals, pharmacists, teachers, grocery store workers….. keeping us safe during this national emergency. Our thoughts are with you!