14th Annual World ADC Conference – Presentations and Poster

Oct 18, 2023

Development of Next Generation ADCs Using Novel Expression Platforms & Precise Conjugation
Presenter: Gang Yin

Discovery of Novel Linker Payloads for Site-Specific ADCs with Improved Efficacy & Therapeutic Index
Presenter: Krishna Bajjuri

Precision Engineering for Enhanced Therapeutic Index: Designing STRO-004, a Tissue Factor Targeted ADC for Broadened Efficacy & Safety
Presenter: Alice Yam

Preclinical Development of STRO-003, a ROR1 Targeting Antibody-Drug Conjugate for Treatment of Hematologic & Solid Cancers
Presenter: Helena Kiefel

Site-specific Dual Conjugation Enabled by an Integrated in vivo / in vitro Antibody Production Platform
Presenter: Miao Wen